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Geared Motors & Regulators

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  • Shaft Jaw Coupling Coupler
    $15.00 Choose Options CNC Engraver Step Motor Shaft Jaw Coupling Coupler
    Simple structure, lightweight body Easy to install, maintenance-free, anti-oil pollution and anti-decay Rigidity, high accuracy, no backlash Low inertia, high sensitivity Safe and reliable long life,...

  • 50mm pulley
    $19.00 Choose Options Pulley Aluminium 50mm, 90mm, 115mm
    These 3 pulley can be fit with our geared motor 40K Appearance: Good finish. Keyway: 5 mm width, 3 mm high and 27 mm depth. Bore: ID 15 mm diameter, OD 27 mm diameter, 27 mm depth. Thickness: 14 mm. Please be aware,...

  • 44-45mm pulley
    $19.00 Choose Options Pulley Cast 44-45mm, 78-79mm, 118-119mm
    These 3 pulley can be fit with our geared motor 10K/25K Material: Cast iron. Appearance: Plain finish. Keyway: 4 mm width, 2 mm high and 30 mm depth. Bore: 10 mm diameter, 30 mm depth. Thickness: 18 mm. Please be...

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